Soil for Sovereign VIII - The Sentient Guide to Break Mind Nets, in, Curses under God.

Part 8 in the: Soil for Sovereign Series

Mitosis and protandry are common developments in the earth plant and microscopic life forms but not in the engendered people. Hermaphrodites or transsexuals carry genes of homo sapien androgyny, however not the altered state of helix DNA by changing itself. This was the most interesting development from side-affects, after recognising the paradox and it cause, to better myself for life I was targeted to not live.

Coming from a paranormal element after my mother’s celebrity status, in the country of industry prejudices; The para psychotic dehumanised state was all I would achieve. By eliciting this with scientific analysis, to meet the source of the problem, I have found the personas of more than a netted being, acting as a man. The four personas I have changed to keep, have broken out of the hell against all inferred madness’s, to life with sound mind I can express. Sound mind that can also be observed and deliberated for reading here.

As the 4 personas were actively adapting to the vicissitudes of life. The paranormal elements, which were vie them, forced an abnormal response from the state of their normal practise. The optimised level of the last persona was capped, literally, as a captain of the trawler the crew was chartering. This brought the last paradox of my manhood. A paradox which was refused at my childhood circumcision of penis. It was the precipice of being out of the care or curse of powers over man’s own. It was a phantom.


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  • Soil for Sovereign VIII - The Sentient Guide to Break Mind Nets, in, Curses under God.

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